“Have the right foundation and there is no such thing as a bad trade”



Frederique Colver Jr

“I was able to quit my job as a janitor and start trading full time in 2007, since then I have made over $2.7m trading and working the strategies put forth by Bill and his team. This is not a too good to be true story, it’s a reality. Try it out.”  

Janice Koyne

“The only way to understand what you are missing, is by joining. You will not regret this choice.”  

Yvette Taylor

“Since joining the SC Family I am no longer guessing. Bill and his team take the guess work out of my trading strategy and offer entry and exit points but they also explain why they are buying or selling. Every day is a learning experience with these guys.”  

David Sethers

“In the first 2 weeks of 2016 I am up 23 percent by shorting Oil. Bill has called our entry points perfectly day after day.”  

C. Payne

“As a Wall Street veteran I have known Bill for 32 years. He is a fearless leader, rigorous researcher and a trend setter. It is no suprise to anyone on Wall Street that Stock Caller has continued a track record of excellence for 10 years. The best is yet to come. Congrats Bill and the guys and to any new members don’t miss this unique service.”  

Charles Oaks

“I am not one to make a quick decision but joining the SC team in 2015 has been rewarding. I followed 2 traded last years I shorter Oil and sold my APPL shares at $128. Both went against my better judgement but I followed the advice and I locked in major profits on APPL and am still holding my short position on Oil. Super happy with the service.”  

Margaret Federline

“How can I sum in just a few words what Bill has done for me. He changed my life. I was lost financially 5 years ago and today I have locked in an average of 30 percent per year following his easy trading series and even had my first 5 bagger, 11 cents to 70 cents in under 3 months. Bill is a legend and loves to teach.”  

Tommy Risdurgen

“I am not one to read testimonials but when the guys asked it was a quick yes… Bill and his team are without a doubt the best analysts I have ever heard about. They make trading fun and nothing beats making money and having a laugh. As Bill always say technique beats luck every time. Join the family today”  

Dennis Paulchier

“I have been a member to the Stock Caller since 2006, I can’t even begin to list all the great trade ideas I have received from the guys. Just do yourselves a favor and give them a shot, you won’t regret it.”

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